Ecuadorian Culture #2

That’s 20,000 dollar Al Paca. You blot that shit! Denzel Washington, in American Gangster m00ne, in Cajas National Park, Ecuador But, seriously, touch it.

Ecuadorian Culture

That’s 20,000 dollar Al Paca! You blot that shit! -Denzel Washington in American Gangster m00ne in Cajas National Park. But, seriously, touch it.

Que Tal: Ecuador has some serious Cultouuur

Quick Ecuador culture rundown: Tropical, mountainous, and straight forward. People who are fat are called fat to their face, and then everyone laughs. America could learn something form the blunt culture. No backhanded compliments, or protecting people’s feelings.  Within 5 hours of meeting my host family I was in a Church. When I whispered into…