37 of the Most Cultural Burgahs You’ll Ever See

Full list Yes I actually mean beef sandwiches, not attractive females. All of these burgahs got my juices flowing, but the one that really made it wiggle was The Farmer John. Touch it. Tweet us your favorite.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Steals Lingo From TouchMyCulture

Yes, that is a correct. One of the country’s largest “culture” magazines stole lingo from one of the country’s smallest websites. In an article, Sex Things Men Dont Care About, published by Cosmo, the article advises you “to skip the mozzarella sticks and go straight to the burger”. If you have ever read TouchMyCulture you…

My Top Five Celebrities To Wife Up

The Mom From Fairly Odd Parents She’s a fox. Wonder Woman She’s drives that invisible mobile, enough said. Topenga Once a Burgah always a Burgah Pink Power Ranger Childhood dream Burgah Sophia Vergara She’s an absolute babestein. I would lick her feet twice a day.

Rosetta Stoned: Burgah

Welcome back to week two of Rosetta Stoned with the TouchMyCulture gang. Last week we talked about the word mush. Here’s the link if you culture-lovers haven’t watched yet. This week the word is Burgah. The true origin lies in the Newton generations of decades ago. But, one thing is for sure; It’s fun to say….but it’s…