The Mooks and Mushes language. All rights reserved.

Mush: (Noun) This term derives from the lingo of The Lake, Nonantum, MA. The real definition is a guy who is from The Lake, but we use it as reference to a pal. One of those words that can be derogatory if you use it wrong, like Jew with a hard ‘J’.

Hey mush! Pass the spolife!

Rosetta Stoned Mush:

Info on Nonantum, MA

Mook: (Noun) Mooks are unpredictable wild cards, who make for the most interesting friends in the world. Some mook traits:

a talented cheater on tests
-changing dogs name from Tucker to Roast Beef

Moone: (Noun) A short jew.  See Woody Allen, George Kostanza, Seth Green.

Victah Moone can’t hang out on the sabbath. 

Charles: (Noun) Originally used to describe someone who is a tad awkward at times. However, we all have a little Charles in us. Some more than others. Your inner charles comes out when you are extremely intoxicated.

Look at that Charles wearing pants to play basketball.
I was way too Charles to talk to that burgah last night.  

Linda: (Noun) The female counterpart of Charles.

That chick collects stamps? What a fackin linda

Burgah: (Noun) A dime, that is top of the line, cute face, little waist, with a big behind. And a nice pair of calves.

Hey mush look at that burgah, I would pley with her. 

(Verb) Making love explosion

Rosetta Stoned Burgah:

Turkey Burgah: (Noun) A Burgah that only makes you happy you did not have a veggie Burgah, and usually makes just want a gourmet Burgah even more. You usually will have a turkey Burgah past midnight.

Hey jivelcakes, why dont you come over and we can burgah.

(Le) Pley: (Noun)  Any action producing in a positive result.

I had a threesome the other night, it was so much pley

(Verb) the act of doing something with positive results

I saw my ex the other night, turns out she still wanted to le pley.

Zoots: (Noun) Marijuana

Hey mush im dry, you got any zoots? 

(Verb) Smoking zoots

My mom thinks I zoot too much, she’s probably right. 

(Noun) Zooterone who zoots. Zooted: being high

Sploife: (Noun) joint with zoots and tobacco. *Spliff pronounced with an Australian accent

Nothing like a morning sploife. 

Tur and Tittilur: (Nouns) Tits and Ass

Look at the tur on that philly. 

Geach: (Noun) Synonym for a Charles.

Want to be a geach? Face a sploife. Mushion accomplished. 


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