The Shady Records Cxypher Was The Realest Moment In Hip Hop Of 2014

As the great Eminem once said, “Fuck a beat, I’ll go a Capella.” Watch Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf’s Cxypher Here During a year full of Bobby Shmurdas and “Don’t Tell Em”s, this Cxypher was refreshing for any true hip hop fan. There’s no catchy beat, no catchy hook, just straight lyrics. A cypher of this…

Charles of the Day: Double Feature

This might not make much sense if you haven’t seen this: So a couple weeks ago I was walking through campus and saw this Charles in the parking lot, and subsequently posted it at the Charles of the Day. (Update: I’m still not jelly)   So then a couple days ago I came across this…

Charles of the Day

Jealous of your generic Audi that every entry level CPA that thinks they’ve already made it gets? Or jealous of the fact that you’re from a state whose greatest claims to fame are cheap alcohol and a cliff that kinda looked like a face until it crumbled 10 years ago? Jelly? No. Consider me jam.

Charles of The Day

I was walking down the meat section at Trader Joes minding my own bees wax when I strolled across this Charles wearing what seems to be a moose hat.  I don’t think that I need to elaborate much more…Tune in tomorrow for Charles of The Day.

Charles of The Day

  I was taking a nice stroll down church street with some friends when I came across this Charles accompanied by his Linda girlfriend.  The fact that he’s a grown man wearing a Pikachu hat would seem rather asinine to most people, but in Burlington, the lion’s den of freaks, this is just a normal…

Charles of The Day

    Well, folks, i’m not lying when I say there are some eccentric looking people in Burlington, Vermont.  It makes my duty of posting Charles of The Day a heck of a lot easier when i’m here because there’s so many options to choose from.  This scoundrel was most likely peeking at vulnerable freshman girls that…

Charles of The Day

Here we have this Charles on the second floor of the library.  You know the deal, the higher the floor in a library, the less burgahs and more Charles Pieces there are.    

Charles of The Day

Here we have this Charles casually sitting on a bench near the student center.  This Charles looks like the reincarnation of John Lennon.  Tune in tomorrow for Charles of The Day.

Charles Of The Day

Classic Charles of the day we have here. This guy is studying his math and English instead of enjoying the nice summer weather……CHARLES CHARLES CHARLES. Somebody get this kid a bucket hat, a cold drink and a mini pool.

Charles of the Day (World Cup Edition) Miguel Herrera

I know that us Americans are so immersed in soccer, even when the World cup isn’t taking place. Yea, I also mean it when I tell a 5.5 out of 10 that has the IQ of a marshmallow that I have feelings for her and that I think there’s something between us. Regardless, this guy…

The Classic Party Charles

Notice the Charles in his natural habitat. He isn’t talking to anyone or making any physical contribution to the party. This Charles will likely stand back and observe all the pleys around him. It is not unlikely for him to whip out a note pad and jot down a few good tips on how to…