Who We Be


Mushofalltrades– Chief Culture Officer- Founder, Author,Editor here at TMC. A Nonantum,MA (The Lake) resident since day one, thus making him a pure-bred Mush. With that being said, he is also one of the biggest Charles/Geach this side of California. Mush is the backbone of the website because of his friendship, loyalty and ambition to touch culture of all sorts. Don’t be fooled by the glasses people, his vision has brought us to where we are today.


M00ne– Commander in Culture- Victah Moone brings TMC a Jewish background with worldwide cultural experience. M00ne attends Syracuse University, majors in marketing, minors in culture, and is currently studying in Chile. He is an all-star ping pong player, makes great taquitos, and is a founder of FBW. Victah completes a full-moone when combined with Tackstyles. He brings a great amount of culture to TMC, and although he might charge an extra nickel here and there, believe it or not, he will give out a quarter here and there, as well.


TheSecondBiggestGeachAuthor, Public Relations Culturer- As the tallest moone to ever walk the earth, coming in  at 6’5”, Geach McFlur makes his presence felt through the story  telling and marketing of culture. After being adopted by the  mushes in ’10, there was no turning back. Now a student at  Tulane University, he is exposed to culture of all shapes, sizes, and smells, and will never say no to exploring new culture.


Halfmanhalfmook– Creative Culture Extraordinaire- Founder, Editor, and Master blogger- Born and raised in Newton, Mass, on the Vara Manor.  A one time 3-sport athlete and captain, until certain life decisions, over time, crippled his ability and his mind (as you can see).  He is known as THE biggest Geach in the country.  Often hits coldstreaks and therefore is seen as the Peyton Manning of getting pley; aka he gets no PLEYYYYY.


 Tackstyles – Founder, author, Chief Culture Communicator, as well as a Burgah afficianado and O.M. (Original Moone).  The son of an ultimate Dead-head, this true lover of women is often found playing sports and doing shenanigans in the West Newton area. If you look closely at the back of Tackstyles, you’ll see the whipping-scars from his various relationships. He is  currently studying communications at U-Mass Amherst for the sole reason of improving this incredible website. What a mensch.


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