Some Monday Afternoon Inspiration From J Cole & Tupac

Let’s start by talking about how relevant some of Cole’s lyrics are in this song…

“I smell bullshit, it must be an election year
The more I listen man the more you sound less sincere
Still I’m watching CNN tryna keep up
In my interviews maybe I should speak up”
-J Cole
This song was released in 2012, at the time of our last election. However, that bullshit smell is definitely stronger this year more than any year. The Republican Party has turned into a circus and should be praying for a Mitt Romney esque candidate. And on the other side of the coin, candidate Hilary “Bullshit smell” Clinton has a strong chance at representing the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, we still shit all over Social Media and the television but nobody is bringing out the Febreeze to get rid of the smell. Maybe we should all speak up.
Tupac Time… Some of the biggest names in hip hop are phonies at the moment. Nobody should know who Fetty Wap is. Like we shouldn’t waste the energy in our jaws to ever say his name. Future, one of the biggest names in hip hop, does not even record in English. I can’t understand anything he says and the stuff I do hear, he raps about materialistic shit. Why is Travis Scott cool? Meanwhile, we all go to the bars/clubs and listen to this shit. So don’t just bob your head to the beat, wake the fuck up.
Read the following:
“Don’t support the phonies support the real, you know what I mean… How can these people be talking about how they so real? That they don’t care about our communities… How can they be talking about what they all this… You know the hood blah blah blah… They don’t care about our communities, you know what I mean? Listen to the words that people say in their lyrics And tell me if that’s some real shit. If that’s real to you, you know what I mean… Listen to what they saying, don’t just bob your head to the beat Peep the game and listen to what I’m saying And hold us accountable for it”


Cole is our modern day Pac. Their music either makes us get up and dance, or just stare at the ceiling and think, “What the hell is going on in this world?”


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