Culture Rub 1/10/16-1/17/16: MUSIC

Legendary David Bowie Passed Away

In honor of the great David Bowie, I am going to share his top 3 BANGAS from his illustrious music career.

  1. Under Pressure

2. Space Oddity

3. Let’s Dance

Kendrick Lamar Visits the White House

Kendrick and Barack discussed the Pay It Forward program, which focuses on the mentoring of inner city kids. The two discussed the problems that America’s youth is facing, and more importantly, the solutions to those problems. Kendrick was completely humbled by the situation, starting the conversation by saying, “Can you believe that we’re both sitting in the Oval Office?”


Kanye Releases “New Friends” and Previews “No More Parties in LA” ft. Kendrick Lamar

Kanye is releasing a song every Friday with hopes to hype up his new album. Kanye says he can’t help anybody until his album drops. The sounds he has been releasing gives me a feeling this album will top Yeezus.

Listen here:

Kanye on David Bowie:

J Cole Delivers for Fans Once Again with HBO Special

J Cole is one of the most respected artists in music because of what he does for his fans while avoiding the mainstream. He and his Dreamville team did a documentary on his homecoming  concert in North Carolina. There was 4 episodes released on Vimeo and HBO Now and then a 1 hour and a half special on HBO. The special includes appearances from Jay Z, Drake, and Rihanna.

From J Cole’s song “G.O.M.D”:

“Dreamville, give us a year we’ll be on every show
Yeah fuck nigga I’m very sure”

J Cole on Dreamville being on HBO:

cole world hbo



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