Culture Rub 1/10/16-1/17/16: CURRENT EVENTS

Sean Penn Claims “My Article Failed” Despite the Capturing of El Chapo

Now everybody got all excited that legendary Sean Penn interviewed drug lord El Chapo, ultimately leading to El Chapo being captured. However, Sean Penn was not all excited about how it went down.

Watch this short interview published by CNN: “My Article Failed”

It makes perfect sense for the Mexican government to set up Sean Penn. With Penn being at risk instead of Mexico, what is there to lose? This is a great example of people not getting the bigger picture. People see the headline, “Sean Penn interviews El Chapo” and get all excited because it is a mixture of fame and drugs. But really, it shows the desperate measures Mexico will take on their “War on Drugs”.

el chapo

GOP Debate Fails Voters Once Again

So the top story from the debate is a personal battle between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump (I hate typing his name). The real top story should be something regarding what the candidates plan on doing to actually make America great again. Instead, we got to hear Trump complain about where Cruz was born and Cruz claim that Trump had liberal values due to his Manhattan background. When will the voters get educated on what these candidates will do instead of a constant bullying rally?


Boston Ranks #1 For Largest Income Gap

According to the Boston Globe, Boston has the largest income divide in the United States. My guess is that it’s due to the success Boston has had in recent years and the changes Mayor Marty Walsh has brought here. The top 5 percent of Boston’s most wealthy make nearly 20 times as much as the bottom 20 percent. (Meanwhile more people talk about where Ted Cruz was born rather than what Bernie Sanders will do to try to reduce the income gap) Boston went from 4th in 2012, to 3rd in 2013, and then 1st for 2014. It was recently announced that General Electric will relocate its headquarters to Boston and that can only bring more wealthy people to the city. In recent years, Boston’s top 5 percent’s income has increased while Boston’s bottom 20 percent’s income has decreased, making the gap even bigger. Another reason the gap is so big is because of the large number of college students in the area with very little money (living the American dream). So is it a good thing for Boston that the top 5 percent’s income is growing? Or is it a bad thing that the bottom 20 percent’s income is shrinking?

I’ll leave you with this fact from Katie Johnson of The Boston Globe, “Inequality has grown nationwide since the last recession, with the top 5 percent earning 9.3 times more than those in the bottom 20 percent in 2014, up from 8.5 in 2007.”


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