Mustache March Mustache of the Day: Michael “MushOfAllTrades” Bennington Jr.

When I first started celebrating mustache march, I did it because I wanted to be different and I wanted people to know I never care how ridiculous I look, as long as I am happy. But then, I realized I had a good reason to celebrate, my Uncle Duck. He made our family happy so I thought this was a good way to remember him. Maybe at a certain angle with certain clothes on, I might look a little like him and that will remind my family of him. He may have passed, but he still lives with us everyday.

I must admit I do love the attention when people compliment my stache but the stache is not about me, it is about my Uncle. Now I am going to get inappropriate and try to make you laugh a little bit.

  • Despite the long beautiful dark chocolate hairs on my upper lip, I have never gave a mustache ride. I have offered them for free, half off, and full price, but still no rides.
  • My sister trims my mustache for me because the scissors are too difficult for me to manover
  • Every year i save my mustache hairs in a bag that i will later donate to the Mush Hall of Fame
  • Some say I look like a mix of Clark Gable and Hulk Hogan with a mustache.

I hope everybody enjoyed #MustacheMarch! Please share, like, or view any #MustacheOfTheDay Post to increase the amount I donate to:

Later I will be posting a slideshow of all the mustache pictures I got for #MustacheMarch along with a bracket declaring the best mustache of all time.


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