Mustache March Mustache of the Day: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin had one of the  most powerful mustaches of all time. When he was having dreams, his mustache was giving girls wet dreams. Rumor has it his mustache combated any nightmares, so he only had dreams. Martin may have had an affair or two on Coretta, but he pledged to only give her mustache rides. Martin was committed to his mustache keeping it well groomed and never letting it exceed a certain thickness. It may not amount to a Nobel Peace Prize, but congrats Martin, you’ve won #MustacheOfTheDay

Stay tuned everyday for #MustacheOfTheDay.

I will be donating to based on views and shares of #MustacheOfTheDay posts at the end of the month in honor of my Uncle Duck

If you have missed out on any day of #MustacheMarch you can catch up on every #MustacheOfTheDay posts here:


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