Top 10 “Got Milk” Mustaches of All Time

In honor of #MustacheMarch, I present the best “Got Milk?” mustaches of all time. One of the best ad campaigns of all time. In its’ efforts, it tried to make drinking milk look cool and did a pretty spectacular job in the following photos…

10) Dennis Rodmandennis rodman got milk

9) Britney Spears

britney spears got milk

8) Austin Powers

austin powers got milk

7) Gisele

gisel got milk

6) Kevin Garnett

kg got milk

5) The WIlliams Sisters

williams sissters

4) Batman


3) Stone Cold Steve Austin

stone cold got milk

2) Shaq and his Mother

shaq got milk

1) Tom Brady

Tom brady got milk

Honorable Mentions:


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