Mustache March Mustache of the Day: Burt “Mustache Riding” Reynolds

Rumor has it Burt finished in the Top 5 for Mustache Rides in the 1970s. This thick, well groomed mustache is one of the most well known mustaches of all time. He could go from savage cowboy to stud muffin at the snap of a finger. Burt eventually, Burt “Mustache Riding” Reynolds grew out of the mustache in his older days, but it will never be forgotten.

Stay tuned everyday of #MustacheMarch for #MustacheOfTheDay.

I will be donating to based on views and shares of #MustacheOfTheDay posts at the end of the month in honor of my Uncle Duck

If you have been missing out on #MustacheOfTheDay, you can find the collection of mustaches here:


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