This Day In History: The Climax of Police Brutaility

As history shows, March is a bad month for the LAPD. There is currently a lot of buzz regarding a member of the LAPD shooting an unarmed man on the street.

The LAPD found themselves in a very similar situation 14 years ago. On March 3rd, 1991, Rodney King was intensely beaten by the LAPD.

Rodney King was hit 56 times by a baton and kicked six times in just two minutes. King ended up with 11 skull fractures, brain damage, and kidney damage. The police were unaware they were being filmed and released a false report.

The cops were charged with assault with a deadly weapon along with use of excessive force. They pleaded not guilty and all four defendants were acquitted by the jury. Some say that members of the jury all had close friends who were police officers, which would make the trial completely unfair.

After riots, the U.S Justice Department granted a federal grand jury to investigate civil rights violations by the four police officers. Two of the officers were convicted.

The reason I am revisiting this horrible incident is because it has been 14 years and America has seen no change regarding police brutality.

There has been Rodney King riots, Ferguson riots, and the public has lost trust in our police force. Meanwhile, we are not seeing any change. The Rodney King incident may have had racism involved, while this most recent brutality case may not. But that is a different subject. Of course racism in America must be solved but there should not be police brutality cases like this happening often.

Whether the victim or policeman is purple, maroon, or orange, nobody should be treated this way. America should be thriving off of our fair justice system, we should not be suffering these consequences.


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