Why I Chose To Give Up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat For Lent

I do not practice religion intensely, but I do try to practice Lent every year. Lent is the 40 days before Easter in which you sacrifice something to show your appreciation for Jesus Christ’ sacrifices. The past 3 Lents, I gave up masturbation, marijuana, and Facebook. This year, I have decided to give up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

I chose to give up those 4 social media applications, not only because I knew it would be difficult, but because of how I could personally benefit from doing so. I am very torn on how I feel about how far social media has came. I love social media because I discover a lot of news, see hysterical viral videos, and can pretend like I understand photography. I hate social media because it has taken away from conversation, arguments occur too frequently, and a lot of information is misinterpreted.

I will now explain what I am going to substitute for each of the 4 social media applications.


Admit it, the only reason we check Facebook is to see somebody we don’t like doing bad, or somebody we do like doing good. The most active Facebook posts are liking when something good happens for a friend, liking/sharing a video of somebody doing something embarrassing, or sharing/commenting on highly debatable topics. So while I am giving up Facebook, I will be making more of an effort to check in with friends on somewhat of a consistent basis. And I will be doing something very difficult for, I will not be sharing my opinion on debatable topics besides here on TouchMyCulture.com.

For those of you who are my facebook friends and reading this, you’re welcome and I’m sorry.

You’re welcome: You will not see me share a TouchMyCulture article or picture nor will you see me share articles which I think all of you should be reading.

I’m sorry: You will not see me share any nude photos of myself in Italy.


First let me start by stating, either Twitter is dead or nobody thinks I am funny. I think of tweets that actually make myself laugh and even with 400 followers, I will only get a couple retweets. I use twitter as my diary. It is a diary I do not mind sharing with you because I find the way I think to be quite hysterical. So the substitute I will be using for twitter is to either keep my thoughts to myself, or write them down in actual diary. If I write them down in actual diary, I probably will share those thoughts with you once lent is over. And if I am struggling with that, (since I am so cool and have a blog) I will share my “thoughts that I usually tweet” here on TMC.


Instead of sharing my Kodak moments with the world, I will cherish the visuals I love and keep them to myself. I do not need to take a picture of my food to enjoy that meal. I do not need to take a picture of the sunset to enjoy the beauty of it.

SIDE NOTE: #MustacheMarch will resume but instead of on my personal Instagram account, it will be done so here on TMC.


I will send of my nudes via Text so you guys can save them without me knowing.

I gave up all this social media because now-a-days this is a great sacrifice. But I will be spending the time I would be spending on these apps in a way that benefits me.

  • I am going to make an effort to call my friends to see how they are doing instead of stalking them on Facebook.
  • I will read articles from my favorite news outlets instead of following them on twitter and only reading the headline.
  • I will still take really cool pictures and use a bunch of filter but instead of sharing it on Instagram, I will learn to cherish and appreciate the picture for myself.
  • I will send nudes, sexts, and videos showering through texting instead of Snapchat

So many of you reading probably follow me on one of these social media apps and you should be ecstatic that you will not be seeing my name for 40 days but do not get too excited i will be back.

As for my friends, I suggest you guys do the same even if you are not sacrificing these acts for Jesus Christ. Many of my friends are away at college but I do not get the feeling of missing them that much because I see their actions on these 4 apps. By giving up these apps, the culture of friendship is back. I will get a feeling of not having somebody in my life and to fullfill the feeling of having them in my life, I will call them.

So if by some crazy chance you are a Mikey Mush social media disciple, I am sorry if you want to know whose culture I am rubbing, you are going to have to call me or read my articles.

If you have a good Lent story please send it via email: touchmyculture@gmail.com

If you post something on social media I will not see it.

And lastly, I would like to thank Jesus Christ for the sacrifices he made for all of us.

God Bless the U S and A.



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