Top 10 SNL Cast Members Of All Time

This has to be one of the most difficult Top 10s of all time. If you watched SNL40 last night, you understand how difficult this is because of the astounding number of hysterical people in that room. These people deserve a lot of praise for all the happiness they have brought people. Families would gather in the living room (back when that was normal) throw on SNL and escape reality. Comedy has made the world a better place, especially these folks.

10) Will Ferrel

9) Chris Farley

8) Tina Fey

7) Dana Carvey

6) Chevy Chase

5) Dan Aykroyd

4) Bill Murray

3) Mike Myers

2) John Belushi

1) Eddie Murphy

Honorable Mentions:

Amy Poehler

Phil Hartman

Gilda Radner

Bill Hader

Rachel Dratch



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