Total Frat Move Coming Up With the Dumbest 1-10 “Hotness Rating System” Ever posted a column called the Universal 1-10 Hotness Rating System and it could not be more ridiculous:

1. Trolls

2. Ugly Girls

3. Most Girls

4. Most Good Looking Girls

5. The Hottest Girl You Know

6. The Hottest Girl You’ve Seen In Real Life

7. Celebrities

8. Victoria’s Secret Models

9. Pornstars

10. Myths/Legends

There’s a whole column including explanations to go along with this scale and it could quite possibly be the most irrational thing I’ve ever read. Why even have a 10 point scale if 10s don’t even exist?! Also, since when are porn stars hotter than celebrities and Victoria’s Secret models? 70% of porn stars are gross anyway and of that 70%, 30% I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. So in my opinion (which I’m considering fact/law), select celebrities, select VS models, some (but few) porn stars, and the hottest girl you’ve seen in real life are all 10s. The hottest girl you know ranges from an 8 to a 10, depending on how hot the girls you know are. Most good looking girls are between 6.5 and 8. Most girls are 4 to 6.5. And anything below a 4 you don’t give a number unless you’re a douchebag. On behalf of Total Frat Move (which usually posts good stuff), sorry for any confusion this may have caused the world. Glad I could come to the rescue.

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