The Most Cultural Franchises to Own Right Now

Have a little (a lot) of extra cash laying around? A good way to invest that money and create a full-time job out of it is to franchise a business. So here’s your business fix for the week, my top “businesses-in-a-box”.

Panera Bread

I’m not even a huge fan of Panera. I like it but it doesn’t blow me away. But what does blow me away is how crowded it is all the time with a really diverse demographic: families, college kids, high school dates, old couples, you name it. Its free Wi-Fi and somewhat quiet atmosphere almost gives it an appeal similar to Starbucks. Even more alike Starbucks in terms of over-pricing. But if the demand is there, then why not jack up the prices? That’s the most appealing aspect to me in terms of franchising it (and Starbucks).

 Dunkin Donuts


Assuming you are in New England, this is an absolute no-brainer. I live in the small town of Canton, MA and there are 6 Dunkins in the town and all 6 have constant business. Not to mention that in Boston, there is virtually a Dunkin on every street corner and every one of them is always packed. Imagine if their commercials weren’t awful!

Pizzeria Locale


Chipotle has a new line of restaraunts making their way around the country. It is the exact same thing as Chipotle, except for quick, custom pizzas. Also, Buffalo Wild Wings is doing the same thing called PizzaRev.

H&R Block

This would be easier than you think and the upside is higher. Just grab some recent college accounting grads and put them to work.

Cold Stone Creamery

All the burgahs LOVE Cold Stone but the market is far from saturated by them, so there are plenty of good locations waiting for a nice ice cream spot. And don’t give me any nonsense about froyo places. Froyo is a fad.

Bricks 4 Kids


LEGO engineering classes, camps, and parties. Such a big market for that, especially since Plaster Fun Time isn’t doing so hot (I think, but I also might be making that up). While you’re at it, go open a Skyzone and laser tag place.


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