More Important Culture That Has Happened Since Deflated Balls And Snow

The following article will touch on worthy headlines people have missed out on since America has been mesmerized with 11 flat footballs and 24 inches of snow. The distractions all started the day after the Patriots beat the Colts, January 19th, and the distractions have resumed until today, January 27th.

The Richest 1% Will Own More Than 50% Of The Globe’s Wealth By 2016


The World Is Far Too Close To Doomsdaydoomsday-clock

TSA Snatches Record-High 2,212 Firearms

gun justice\

New Jersey Police Shoot African-American Man With His Hands Up


Germany Finally Gives People Right To Pee Standing Up


You Might Have To Pass A Drug Test For Food Stamps


In The U.K You Can Trade Crack For Nokia 8210s


NASA Wants A Helicopter To Fly On Mars


Now I understand we would all be pretty bored and miserable if we only read the news that we should. As the great Ron Burgandy said, “I just don’t know why we have to tell the people what they need to hear. Why can’t we just tell them what they want to hear?” But there definitely needs to be a line for ignorance in America. Distractions are nice because the world is tough to deal with, but people need to get closer to reality.

America deserves more than deflated footballs and snow.



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