In Honor of the Blizzard: The Best Activities for a Snow Day

The majority of you reading this have had classes/work cancelled today, so you may find yourself scratching your head wondering what to do with yourself all day. Well aren’t you lucky? Because I have a few ideas for ya.

Go Sledding

“Sweet insight Gorhammer, you Charles.” Save your sarcasm for a second and hear me out. I know it’s obvious, but sledding is an absolute necessity on a snow day. Find a big hill, grab some friends and definitely build a jump. If you don’t have a sled, use a mattress or something. To take it a little further, my friends and I like to have a car pull us around campus on our skis.

Build a Blanket Fort


Soooooo cultural. Get some flashlights, some good gossip, and a sign that says “no girls allowed.”

Beer Olympics


The greatest indoor activity there is.

Watch Snow Day


If you don’t feel like actually doing things on a snow day, you can just watch other people do things on a snow day. (You may also just transition into binge-watching Netflix)

Write a Song

Last year on a snow day, my roommate and I wrote an 11 minute acoustic mashup of popular songs…certified panty droppa (coincidentally, that is also the title of the song).

Read a Book

haha jk

Finally, you’re going to have to spend your evening constantly checking to see if you have another snow day.


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