Top Ten Most Satisfying Non Alcoholic Beverages

I am a huge promoter of ‘variety’ being a huge part of life. If you do the same thing every day, soon you will be sick of it. I also appreciate flavah more than most. The following drinks will give you a culture touch when you need something to drink besides alcohol.

10) Gatorade gatoAfter a long period of physical activity, a nice cultural gulp of chilled Gatorade will give you the culture touch you need to play another game.

We all know how satisfying Gatorade is when your tongue feels like a camel in a desert, so imagine the cultural beverages coming up next.

9) Hi-C

Hi C

Yes folks. that is an ice cold Hi-C Orange from McTits. The best beverage to wash down 20 McNuggies and a Lahge Fry.

8) Capri Sun

Capri sun

I think it would be a bigger challenge for me to only drink one Capri Sun with a 12 pack in my face, than not touch Nicki’s booty if it was in my face.

7) Root Beer

root beer

The best drink to get with your BBQ.

Side Note For Newton Culture Touchers: The best order you can get at Cabot’s is a Root Beer Float with cheese fries.

6) Iced Green Tea


Add a little honey and lemon and you have a flavahful, soothing, cultural beverage. If done like the picture above, you can pretend you’re drinking whiskey all night.

5) Chocolate Milk


Nesquick is my only late night booty call that always answers, and never says no.

4) Any combination of Iced Tea and Lemonade

Nothing culture touches your tongue on a hot summer’s day quite like an Arnold Palmer.

3) Coffee

coffeeSimply because, it is addicting.

2) Ginger Ale

ginger ale

Some drink it when they are sick, others drink it with their whiskey, but we all drink it because it is simply wonderful.

1) Water

A beverage that is so simple, yet so magnificent. A beverage that has nothing added to it besides beauty. A beverage that makes you feel like you just ended world hunger, but all you did was have a sip of water. A beverage that saves you every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Morning.

It is 2015 and people who complain of being thirsty still decide to drink something other than water. No drink will quench your thirst besides water. The other 9 beverages I have just shared with you, will only make you need water more.

I know Americans always want more, more, more of everything but all we need is water to make our mouths feel like we just made out with Rachel McAdams.

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