2 Chainz vs. Nancy Grace: A Battle Over Zoots

I could barely listen to Nancy. Not sure if it was the horrible accent or the ignorance. Her whole case against pot was these parents who filmed their children smoking and said people are irresponsible. Meanwhile, parents are irresponsible with their kids even while following the law. Parents post videos of their children swearing or dancing inappropriately. Making a law against that is not going to stop anybody.

Nancy also complained that 2 Chainz had a young audience who should not be influenced to smoke marijuana. Young adults have parents to make sure they do not smoke the devil’s grass, some call pot. Nancy takes the most extreme pot cases to try to prove her point. Millions of grams of marijuana are smoked every day, with nobody being harmed.

2 Chainz proved to the world that he got a 4.0 GPA in college, while I am thinking, “How the fuck does Nancy Grace have her own show?”

2 Chainz completely stumped Nancy when he used his point of tax dollars being wasted on illegal marijuana use.

Actions that required tax dollars:

  • pull over 2 Chainz tour bus
  • arrest 2 Chainz
  • hold 2 Chainz in cell
  • bring 2 Chainz to trial
  • have a re-trial for 2 Chainz’ bodyguard

Meanwhile this was all over .01 of marijuana and nobody was found guilty.

Rappers are being news hosts in debates, it is time to legalize zoots.

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