Patriots-Ravens Preview/Divisional Round Betting Guide

We knew this would happen. Would the football gods really give the Pats a road to the superbowl without playing the Ravens? This will be a tough test, so let’s look at some key matchups

Nate Solder vs. Terrell Suggs

If Solder can contain Suggs, Brady will pick apart that secondary

Pats Run D vs. Justin Forsett 

Ravens O-line is gelling at the right time. If the Pats can stop the run and make the Ravens one dimensional, the patriots have the better matchups. Revis can contain Steve Smith. McCourty and Browner preventing the deep ball to Torrey Smith. And Owen Daniels has no chance against Jamie Collins

Patriots Special Teams vs. Jacoby Jones

Constant threat to take it deep. Pats ST has not looked good the past couple weeks…

My Prediction: The Pats will find a way to block Suggs, whether that is with TE or RB help, and Brady will have a big game. The D will do its part.

Patriots 31

Ravens 17 

This is probably the best weekend in football all season. 2 really good games on both Saturday and Sunday. It’s a great opportunity to make some mulah too.

My Picks in bold

Patriots -7 vs Ravens 31-17

Seahawks -10.5 vs Panthers  24-10

Green Bay -7 vs Cowboys 35-27

-Hedged with Cowboys Moneyline +220

Denver -7 vs Indianapolis 27-24

Teasers (+-6, 6.5):

Patriots -1 vs Ravens   +     Seahawks -4.5 vs Panthers

Packers -12 vs Cowboys    +     Denver -1 vs. Indianapolis








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