Small Business Culture Booming In Newton

The stock market has hit record numbers, unemployment has dropped back below 7%, and gasoline is finally affordable. America is striving and so is business. Small business in the Newton area is holding strong and new businesses are emerging.

The front runner industry for small business growth in Newton is without a doubt the restaurant industry. Newtonville seems to be the center of this success with thriving restaurants such as the Rox Diner, Brewer’s Coalition, a full bar added to the Village Cafe, and the new addition of Los Amigos.

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There is still much success in other villages of Newton. There has been a complete renovation of Union St. Bar in Newton Centre.


West Grill has been thriving since their reopening and is keeping mushes happy.

west st

Social Restaurant and Bar has brought upscale dining to Newton Corner.


As the market has turned upward and consumer spending and confidence has increased, retail and restaurants industries are thriving.

Liquor stores here in the area are also expanding. Marty’s has opened another store in Brighton, MA right near the New Balance facility, and Gordon’s is striving throughout Waltham, Newton, and Watertown.

A few other companies to mention that are starting up out of the area is a residential window cleaning company, and of course us here at TMC

Article by: James Mackenzie

Edited by: Michael Bennington

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