Sorry But None Of You Know Who You’re To Going Be In 2015

I hate to be an emotional Negative Nancy on New Years, but that’s just how I feel.

Everybody seems to have 2015 all figured out regarding becoming a new person in the new year. Realistically, life is not that easy and none of us know the person we are going to be in 2015.

Just a week or two ago, I though I had the next few years figured out. I was becoming close with a beautiful young woman, excelling at my job, did well in school, and was motivated to blow up my website. I was very content having somebody to say goodnight to and that made going to work easier. I didn’t mind going to school because I knew that soon enough, I’d be seeing the most beautiful girl I know. The TMC staff had a meeting and we set some big goals for the upcoming year. I had no reason but to love life and I was becoming so appreciative of all the small things.

But in a matter of two days, all that changed.

I may never see the woman who made my life easier again. I have no clue what I am going to school for. My job is brutal. TouchMyCulture is declining rapidly. And I’m feeling very lost.

So I just want to let all of you know who believe you have the next 365 days figured out, all of that can change in one day.

My New Years resolution is to accept that as of 1/1/2015:
I am nothing.
I am a nobody.
I have very small worth compared to the rest of the world.
Nobody has control over my life but me.

With that being said, my goals is to:
Control my life to the best of my ability and become a man who is valuable to the world with the hopes of becoming a somebody.

This is a challenging goal to reach in 365 days, and if I don’t reach it come 2016, I will just have to keep working towards them.

I apologize for the negativity on a day that is filled with happiness but writing this was therapy for me. I hope all you enjoy your New Years Eve and all of you reach your goals this upcoming year.

Remember, life is life. A lot can happen around you that you can’t control. You can only try to control your decisions and actions. Changing is one of the biggest challenges humans face.

Happy New Year.

Once again I’m very sorry for the negativity. Those of know me, know that I always try to be positive and make the best of the worst situations. But unfortunately, I’m feeling very crummy right now and this was the only thing I thought could help.

Don’t take the “I am a nobody” too literally. I know I am good friend to many and mean a lot to a lot of people. I just think you need to accept that you’re dirt if you ever want to turn to gold.

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