Why Being A Camp Counselor Was More Valuable Than An Internship

Expanding your culture, one touch at a time.

Being a camp counselor taught me to be selfless not selfish

Every minute of camp was dedicated to the campers, not myself. I always hear about friends who are interns spending most of their time surfing the web or pretending to be busy. There’s no time for that at camp. All of your time spent as a counselor is about the kids, never about yourself. Not many interns are worrying about their companies as much as themselves.

I made kids smile, not customers

An intern pretends to be nice to somebody to sell something. An intern gets lunch and coffees for somebody to keep them happy. A camp counselor embarrasses him or herself just to make a camper smile. A camp counselor’s job revolves around their campers being happy no matter how miserable they are. While an intern is probably doing work while miserable. I promise you, getting an authentic laugh…

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