TMC’s Guide To The Game Of College

Expanding your culture, one touch at a time.

August is coming to an end…and we all know what that means; time to go back to school. The Freshmen are nervous to leave Mommy and Daddy. Sophomores are excited to finally escape the bottom of the totem pole which is freshmen year. Juniors are anxious, because junior year marks the very beginning of adulthood. And Seniors are kinda freaking out. Last year of freedom. Last year where they know their duties come to an end. Or they are going to be stuck another year while everybody else graduates. After senior year, there are no more “4 more years” or “only 2 years left.” After senior year, everything seems to be permanent and never-ending.

As an upcoming senior, my big advice to all the underclassmen is to get involved and take chances. Whether it is Greek Life, clubs, organizations, working, blogging, burgahing, do something that you won’t be able…

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