11 Turkey Burgahs I Want To Burgah Before Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is only right that we appreciate some turkeys since we will be eating so many. In my opinion, the women in the list below are all beautiful. But in Hollywood, these women are criticized for their weight and do not usually make the top 25 sexiest women lists. The media has set too high of standards for women. Magazines are using Photoshop and models are not eating. So instead of criticizing these women whom may be considered turkey burgahs, I am going to show them some love.

1) Danielle Fishel (Topenga from Boy Meets World)


Unfortunately, many love to consider you overweight, but I consider you perfect. Every guy born in the 1990s deems you their first love and we have yet to get over you.

2) Kate Winslet


Kate has had my attention ever since ‘Titanic’. Many started calling her fat and she responded with the jaw dropping picture above. That’s some organic turkey right there.

3) Jessica Simpson


So maybe she grew out of those boots that were made for walking, but that beautiful smile never left.

4) Mallory Hagan


The once Miss America turned into an organic turkey burgah real quick. Shorty after her Miss America victory, Mallory moved on from tofu to tenderloin, and I like it.

5) Christina Hendricks


The ‘Mad Men’ female star is often labeled overweight. But I think you would have to be mad to ever say no to this beautiful ginger. I would love to spend a night baking gingerbread cookies with her.

6) Kirstie Alley


Kirstie is conventional turkey but what makes her so appealing is that when people started calling her fat, she starred in a sitcom television series called, “Fat Actress”. If you’re reading Miss Alley, I will gladly take care of your turkey.

7) Stifler’s Mom

stiflers mom

Truth is, she is way hotter than Stacy’s Mom.


8) Adele


Her voice alone would get me to go southern.

9) Missy Eliot

missy eliot

Missy would easily win the freakiest turkey burgah of all time award.

10) Khole Kardashian


I would only hit it for the money. Nothing against her looks…

11) Chris Christie


Just to further your understanding of how I feel about Khole Kardashian.








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