The Shady Records Cxypher Was The Realest Moment In Hip Hop Of 2014

As the great Eminem once said, “Fuck a beat, I’ll go a Capella.”

Watch Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf’s Cxypher Here

During a year full of Bobby Shmurdas and “Don’t Tell Em”s, this Cxypher was refreshing for any true hip hop fan. There’s no catchy beat, no catchy hook, just straight lyrics. A cypher of this nature has never been done before. All the rappers involved, performed in different settings. Eminem actually was free-styling parts of his verse. This was real hip hop. It was so real that I got the goosebumps while listening to Eminem’s verse. (over 7 minutes, no beat)

Me being such a huge Jay-Z and Lil Wayne fan its hard for me to say Eminem is the best but me being such a big hip hop fan, I have to tell you the truth. Eminem will “kill you on the track like Tony Stewart”.

Thanks Shady Records for releasing this and giving me hope for hip hop in 2015.



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