Voters Complained But Most Did Not Show Up

According to preliminary national exit poll data, voters are very unhappy with the government. That is probably why they showed up to vote.

  • 65 % believe the country is headed seriously off on the wrong track
  • 54% disapproved in Obama’s performance
  • 20% trust the government in Washington to do what’s right all or most of the time
  • 70% say the economy’s in bad shape.

Now I am sure people who were not  included in the poll feel very similar. It is obvious that the citizens of America are not happy with their government. The problem is nobody is doing anything about it and that showed. Many states had their lowest voter turnout ever or in many years. The very minimal people could do was go and vote, but people could not even amount to that.

  • Voter turnout for people ages 18-28 declined from 19% of voters to only 12% of voters
  • 36.6% of eligible voters in the country voted and the record low is 38.1 % (in the middle of WW2)
  • Midterm 2010: 91 million voted
  • Midterm 2014: 83 million voted
  • New Jersey had a possible record low voter turnout.
  • 625,000 Michigan Democrats did not complete a ballot for the 2014 midterm election.
  • 34.6% of registered voters in Chicago went to the polls

The midterm elections always have a lower voter turnout than presidential elections but for many states this was a very important election that people did not show up to. States that did get a turnout probably had legalizing marijuana on their ballot.

Our generation does have a lot of leaders trying to make change regarding politics but it also has too many ignorant people. Everybody has done a great job complaining about Obama, taxes, wars, Ebola, gay marriage laws, equal pay, abortion, and other mainstream issues that everybody talks about on social media. But nobody does a good job of putting those complaints to action because they’re too busy deciding on #MCM, #WCW, and #TBT. Right now, I’m just complaining about how people do not vote or know what is going on with their country. My action is trying to connect with those people and get to vote. Or realize how important it is to know what is going on in the world around you.

Our generation has the power to turn the 20% of people that trust our government to 80% of people trusting our government. We can spread voting awareness easier than ever. We can connect with people we do not know easier than ever before. We can make anything go viral on the internet. It’s easier than ever before to organize a protest but it seems Americans are the only ones in the world not protesting, even though nobody is happy with our country.

Now wake up and smell the coffee, do something for your country because right now your country isn’t doing anything for you.



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