My views on the elections

poker-lobbying It’s rather bothersome to me that I have read many statuses concerning the results in the senate, and just a few over the municipal elections and referendums. Massachusetts voters approved a measure two days ago that mandate business owners that have over 10 employees have to provide them with up to 40 hours pay for sick leave a year. Those are the kinds of things that are of importance. As for the senate elections, fiscally the Republicans and Democrats are indistinguishable.

The executive branch has had interventionist policies since FDR was president.  In congress,  both parties policies are masked by corporate interests. Their “views” and “policies” are bought by lobbyists. The federal government is nothing short of a business oligarchy. The only way in which the parties differ is their views on commonplace issues vis-á-vis the legalization of marijuana, gay marriage and gun laws. These issues might be divisive and important, but they pale in comparison to the problem of the military industrial complex. The United States spends over 700 billion dollars a year on the military, three times as much as China, who spends the second most. Private arms companies such as Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Raytheon lobby millions of dollars to both parties to maintain the status quo of being at war because it makes them more profitable. It would cost around 70 billion dollars to provide free education to citizens in the United States, yet the federal government perpetually chooses to spend money on useless military equipment and perform useless democratization efforts in other countries. Being upset over a Republican/Democrat majority in the house or senate is useless. Here are some websites that show much much lobbying influences both parties.


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