Bruins’ Bobby Robins Can Write for TMC Anyday

Philadelphia Flyers v Boston Bruins

Bobby Robins, current property of the Boston Bruins, made the big club out of camp for his first NHL start this season at the age of 32. He is touted as a fighter, and he is damn good at it. Unfortunately, he was assigned to AHL Providence with the signing of veteran Simon Gagne.

But something you probably don’t know about him, and probably are surprised to hear based on the general image of hockey players, is that he is an unbelievably good writer. He has a blog called and, even though the site is under construction, there is one story on it that blew me away. He titled it Metamorphosis, and it is about breaking his nicotine addiction as well as motivating himself to make it to the NHL. In terms of blog posts, it is very long but totally worth the read.

Here is one of my favorite little excerpts:

“I can only describe the feeling as this: I felt like I was going to explode and all my insides would splatter all over the room, but the explosion would not be a violent or sudden one, but a slow motion explosion, a bulging release of ripping sadness in a high-pitched hiss, like some coiled snake lurking behind the drywall, with a deep scarlet venom sack tucked away in the back of his mouth, back behind his razor fang, and it’s filled with the most potent nicotine extract the world has ever known, cooked in antiquity by some satanic alchemist in a time forgotten, melted down from an ancient monolith that once mapped the stars and solstices.”

I eagerly await more culture from Bobby Robins, on the ice and on the blog.


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