16 Movies to Get You Cultured for Halloween

Halloween is approaching and we all love watching horror movies on cold rainy nights to help pump us up for the holiday. For me, Halloween means more than getting to see girls not wear as much clothes on a day you are supposed to dress up. The horror genre as a whole is pretty weak to me, but there are some movies that make up for the real shitty ones. This list will consist of really scary movies as well as Halloween related movies that bring us back to our childhood. Some are god awful films but still are an important part of Halloween culture.

1) The Shining

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The Shining is one of the few movies I can say actually terrified me. Based on the Stephen King novel, Stanley Kubrick manages to direct another creepy screenplay. Although The Shining does not directly correlate with Halloween, this movie will scare the culture out of you.

2) Hocus Pocus

hocus pocus

No movie reflects Halloween culture like Hocus Pocus does. The movie was set in the very Halloween cultured Salem, Massachusetts. Three witches (one being a very burgahable Sarah Jessica Parker) come back from the dead on Halloween night and reek havoc. Recommended for mushes and burgahs of all ages, this movie will never get old to me.

3) Halloween, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, & Halloween H20

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Out of the big three horror characters, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers, Michael Myers is the most cultured. The series of Halloween movies are awesome because you get to see a crazy guy chase after Jamie Lee Curtis year after year while Jamie Lee Curtis gets hotter and hotter (Yes Jamie Lee Curtis is a burgah). Another factor that boosted the Halloween series is that in Halloween H20, LL Cool J makes an appearance.

4) Halloweentown


The Disney original movie that never gets old is a must-watch in order to get cultured for Halloween. A great flick to watch with your burgah partner while eating candy corn.

5) Frankenstein


Simply because Robert De Niro plays Frankenstein.

6) Children of the Corn


This movie has the ability of bringing you to a very dark place. The movie is about a religious cult that consists of children who try to kill everybody over the age of 18.

7) Casper


Another classic Halloween movie that us immature people will never get sick of. I will never forget the pancakes in the breakfast scene, a stack a cakes that high make a mush like me food horny.

8) Psycho


Whenever you see “Alfred Hitchcock’s”, you know you are in for a trick and treat.

9) A Clockwork Orange


This movie does not have a monster or anything to do with Halloween, but it is so damn creepy, you will be scared to death by the end. Stanley Kubrick is the king of the creeping you out.

10) A Nightmare on Elm St.

elm st

Despite the horrible acting, Freddy will always be a part of Halloween.

Side Note: Freddy Krueger wins the award for “Last Person In The World You Would Want Fingerblasting You”

11) Friday the 13th


Ch-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah… Sorry Newton readers but the picture above is not the Crystal Lake we all know and love (despite the algae and feces), but it is indeed the lake that Jason drowned it before he became one of the most notorious Halloween figures ever.

12) It


One of the worst films of all time, but you can’t spell Halloween without Stephen King (I know you can, I just like making bad jokes). Also, clowns are one of people’s biggest fears, imagine how scared they will be after seeing this…

13) The Witches

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We all read Roald Dahl books as kids and we always loved when people turned his stories into movies. One of the most bizarre plots… It’s pretty much the homeless, very sick, and ugly man’s version of Hocus Pocus.

 14) Beetlejuice


As Lil Wayne once said, “Flyer than Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice”. You gotta love young Michael Keaton and young Alec Baldwin teaming up for this one.

15) Child’s Play & Bride of Chucky

childs play

We all have heard about the father from 7th Heaven being accused of being a child molester but did you know the mother from 7th heaven starred in the movie Child’s Play?

We all know people only saw this movie because we knew we were gonna get to see Jennifer Tilly’s cleavage but did we know we got to see Chucky zoot and burgah?

16) The Exorcist

the exorcist

I had to include this in the list because my mother was more than positive this movie would scare me. When she asked what I thought of the movie, I replied, “It was hysterical”. Some crazy girl wets the bed, pukes everywhere, and her head spins around 360 degrees…



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