Cosmopolitan Magazine Steals Lingo From TouchMyCulture

Yes, that is a correct. One of the country’s largest “culture” magazines stole lingo from one of the country’s smallest websites. In an article, Sex Things Men Dont Care About, published by Cosmo, the article advises you “to skip the mozzarella sticks and go straight to the burger”.


If you have ever read TouchMyCulture you know how much we value the “burgah”. We even go as far to define the word on our Lingo page and made a video to further your definition.

We would take this to court….but we all know Cosmo would lawyer up and beat the pumpkin spice and apple cider out of us. So at the very least, we want to make it clear that big time magazines are so desperate, they are stealing our stuff.

Also, if you ladies want better sex tips than Cosmo, read: 20 Sex Tips Every Burgah Needs To Know


Thanks to Victoria for the find


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