There is ZERO Culture in Contemporary Pop Music

I could go on for days arguing how the modern music industry lacks culture, but if pop “artists” aren’t going to put that much effort into their work, why would I put that much effort into a blog?

“Oh-em-gee. Ariana Grande is the most talented person I’ve ever shared the earth with! Lets do shots of UV Cake and argue about who we think ‘A’ is in Pretty Little Liars while we listen to Problem!” -Basic Bitch

Unfortunately, this is who is driving our music industry. Most people in our young-adult demographic are only driven to listen to music that is socially acceptable. Oh you heard that song at a frat party? Better listen to it all the time then because then you’ll have something in common with your peers. It’s like the old “radio plays what they want you to hear” phenomenon.

For those of you whose argument is that you listen to Daft Punk or Fun type artists, though there’s a little bit of culture there, it’s not enough to #touchit. It’s chill, it’s different, but it’s the same principle. Going the point this Swedish kid makes in the video, I see these pop artists as glorified iCarlys and Jessica Simpsons with album title like Sparks Fly and About You Now that literally mean nothing. Some make it work and some don’t, but its all the same technique.

Miranda Cosgrove - About You Now

But what about rappers who spit real rhymes about their lives? Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of rappers who have respectable culture like Eminem, Tyler the Creator, and Childish Gambino. Some are talented writers. But I can’t stand when artists rap about the rap that they’re currently rapping about. Like “rhymes so hot you can’t touch them, spittin some fire you gon’ need a hose then.” That’s not even a good rhyme.

Finally, I guess I can accept Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz-esque artist as cultural. The only thing i don’t like about that is when people try to show off the fact that they listen to them like it’s and idiosyncracy. It’s not. They’re very popular, a lot of people listen to them, you didn’t discover them and you’re not bringing something new to the table.

So at this point you probably think i hate everything. Not the case. I can listen to all this type of stuff in a setting in which it makes everyone else happy. Like if I’m at a party, throw on a playlist that only has the top 40 rated songs, I don’t care. But if I’m alone or with a select group of friends who shares the same taste as me (or if I’m in my car, in which case you will listen to what I tell you to listen to), I’m listening to what I like, not what the social structure tells me I should like. I need some passion. Some effort, differentiation…culture!

So give something new a try and see if any thoughts pop into your head to the effect of “hey, I kinda like this.” Have an open mind and an individual opinion.

So I guess it’s only fitting to post a cultural banga of the day. Here’s something off one of my playlists that you’ve probably never heard and it’s just plain different than what you’ll hear on Kiss 108:

I guess I did put a little effort into the blog. Wasn’t planning on it.

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