Fall Culture That Nobody Gives A Shit About

Everybody knows what people love about the fall: pumpkins, football, Halloween, foliage, apples, and making pies. So while everybody is focused on that kind of fall culture, a lot of fall culture goes unnoticed.

The Supreme Court’s Traditional Start Date

The Supreme Court celebrates their ‘New Year’ the first Monday of every October. This year it happens to land on October 6th. It will be a big year for the Supreme Court as they will be making decisions on cyber laws, equal marriage rights, and hopefully they get something done that benefits the country. Unfortunately, nobody will be drinking champagne on Supreme Court’s New Year’s Eve…

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

I am not anti-Semitic but being raised in Newton, I do indeed love a good Jew joke… Now if you are reading this and are Jewish or know a lot of Jews, you may be saying, “Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are both fall events that people do give a shit about”. Now if you are from a place such as Sheboygan, Wisconsin, you are saying, “Who are these damn characters Rosh and Yom?” Funny that I was just talking about the Supreme Court’s new year because Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year. Yom Kippur is a day I would never survive because on this day Jews fast and pray because it is a Day of Atonement. There’s your Jewish culture for the day…

White Cane Safety Day

White Cane Safety Day is celebrated October 15th every year and recognizes the blind and visually impaired people’s achievements in the United States. Unfortunately, more people probably have heard of steak and a blowjob day because the blind and visually impaired deserve a holiday too. Shout out to Stevie and Helen.



Parsnips are a vegetable that look like a poor man’s carrot. The harvest season for Parsnips is October-April and Parsnips are rich in potassium and a great source of fiber. So next time you are ordering a pumpkin spice apple cider beer, remember the forgotten Parsnips.

High School Field Hockey

Its all about College Football on Saturdays and NFL Sundays. Why is there no love for high school field hockey? High school field hockey is a sport that truly resembles fall because literally nobody plays out of season.

Most jocks at high school play football or soccer in the fall. But my friends dared to be different and joined the field hockey team. My pals helped lead the team to the playoffs and had a lot of fun doing so.

Barstool did not feel the same way about field hockey as they wrote this article about my friend: http://boston.barstoolsports.com/random-thoughts/is-the-fact-its-illegal-to-ban-boys-from-playing-field-hockey-the-dumbest-law-in-america/

Quote from Barstool:

“I don’t need a 5 minute video discussing the pros and cons of it.   I’d rather crack open this Bobby Grimshaw kid from Newton North’s head and find out what is wrong with him.   Like what makes a dude decide he wants to dominate Field Hockey?   Are you that insecure? Does your life suck that bad?   Go join the band or the Dungeons and Dragons club brah.   World needs ditch diggers too.”



Rutabaga is another vegetable that’s harvest season begins in October and has a good source of fiber. Rutabaga is also useful because it includes a good source of vitamin C which is valuable during sniffle season.

Fall Fairy Tale Festival In Brookline

When people think of fall festivals in the New England area, people think of the Toppsfield Fair rather than the Fall Fairy Tale Festival. The festival starts with Puppetkabob’s rendition of “What the Moon Saw”. So maybe instead of apple picking, change it up and go watch some puppets (SUGGESTION: GET ZOOTED).

People do whatever is in season or in style. People do not like stepping out of that comfort zone. People drink iced coffees all summer and pumpkin lattes all fall. TouchMyCulture wants to inspire you to be different and you can start by having Rutabaga and Parsnips for dinner. Dare to be different and do something that is not typical this fall.

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