Say Goodbye to Yoga Pants and Hello to Harem Pants

Let’s face it: everyone gets lazy once the weather gets colder. For guys it’s easy, just throw on some Nike sweatpants, or a comfortable pair of jeans and call it a day. For girls…it’s a bit more difficult. Girls have to wear tight jeans. Girls can’t rotate the same 2 pairs of jeans all week. Girls don’t wear sweatpants for the fear of being judged. What I have noticed over my 4 years at college, is an epidemic of girls relying on leggings or “yoga pants.”

Every single girl owns at least 4 pairs of leggings. Usually they are all the same, but if different, only a slight pattern, texture, or color difference. The tightness fools the male eye. What guys see is one fineeeeeee booty. Yet, girls are using yoga pants the same way guys use sweatpants; they are extremely comfortable, keep us warm, easy to put on, and can wear multiple times without washing. I am a culprit of being fooled by the facade of the yoga pant. However, the emergence of a new type of pant has opened up my eyes.



The silk, wavy, patterned harem pants that are the new fad amongst girls is the greatest thing to happen to college campuses since co-ed floors. You know those pants that look like genie pants, but also look thin enough to rip with a q-tip? For me, these pants have exposed yoga pants for what they really are: work out clothes.

Girls wear yoga pants because of the comfort-ability, but also to look more athletic, to show off their butt, and to make it seem like they’re on their way to the gym. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants a couple times a week, or wearing them to the gym, but to wear them every day, blinding the average guy from who you really are, is just evil form of laziness.

The genie pants have completely changed the game. It has been the one good fashion statement hipsters have made.  They are comfortable, stylish, varied, sexy, easy to put on, and easy to take off 😉 They may not show off a butt like yoga pants, but they are most definitely not sweatpants. Whenever I walk into class and see a girl wearing a bright pair of genie pants, it always makes for a more exciting period. She’s different than every girl wearing yoga pants. Those pants just ooze fun, sexiness, adventure, individuality, and culture.

So ladies, as the weather gets colder, please take note: yoga pants are fun and all, but we are catching on to you. Switch it up. Guys are a big fan of the genie pants. The genie pants may steal your heart, and a place in your closet at the same time.




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  1. doesn'tmatter juststop says:

    Stop objectifying women. Women’s bodies are not solely here for your enjoyment. Women can wear whatever they goddamn want, yoga pants, sweat pants, no pants, and you still don’t get to make comments on how their butt looks in them.

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