Fundraiser Of The Month: Newton Athletes Unlimited

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By donating, you are entered to win a trip for 2 to Ireland or a flat screen TV!

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I was very happy that humanity finally made social media worth it, due to the success of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. It gave me a chance to learn what kind of people like giving back, as well as the fact that giving back can be fun. Unfortunately, I have not came up with a challenge that will become viral. So instead, I thought every month I would share a worthy fundraiser. To start off ‘Fundraiser Of The Month’ I would like to educate you on Newton Athletes Unlimited.

Newton Athletes Unlimited provides programs for over 250 people with disablilties. One of their programs called, ‘Tigers’, meets every Saturday morning and plays the sport correlating with the current season. The Tigers consist of teenagers and young adults. I promise you, one Saturday morning with this group is twice as fun as any pick up game you play with your friends. Luckily, we have a strong community that provides volunteers, a place to play, and the necessary equipment.

NAU helps make the camp I work at possible. Camp Echo Bridge creates an amazing summer environment for those with special needs and NAU makes sure that camp has the proper amount of staff. NAU makes it possible for Camp Echo Bridge to go on an overnight trip the last week of camp.

Newton Athletes Unlimited has created memories for many and enough stories to write 4 novels. Newton Athletes Unlimited is happy to serve over 250 people, but they want to help spread more smiles. So the Spreading Smiles Campaign is now in action.

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Newton Athletes Unlimited have been spreading these smiles since 1991 and plan to keep spreading them forever. And unfortunately, these programs are going to need funds to keep running.

I ask you to please donate at even if you can only donate a dollar, it will truly be helping the cause. And please share this on any and all social media. I do not ask you to share this for views on my site, I ask you to share this because this is something I truly care about. The world has raised millions for ALS and Newton Athletes Unlimited is hoping to at least reach their goal of $20,000. I am confident we will reach that goal with your help.

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