To Waffle or Not to Waffle…That is the Question

Starting to get a wee bit chilly around these parts. Still shorts weather I’d say, but definitely need an extra layer on top. Sweatshirts are too heavy, and a long sleeve tee is too light. There needs to be a happy medium…and that medium is waffle shirts.


Waffle shirts are comfortable. Waffle shirts are the perfect layer. Waffle shirts are my bread and butter. However, I have recently heard some negative feedback. I’ve heard they are immature, like a nice sweater for a elementary school kid that doesn’t like to dress formally. I’ve heard they’re ugly, like why not just wear a complete shirt with no waffle in it? I’ve heard they’re too bummy, like I don’t care about my appearance now that I’m a senior.

I’m still keeping my alliance with waffle shirts…for now. I could use some more opinions though. Are they immature? Does the practicality of them make up for the bumminess? Do I really have to start upgrading my long sleeve game? So many questions…need answers. To waffle or not to waffle…..


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