Top 10 Worst People in Sports

By now, everyone has probably seen the Ray Rice video. Let’s make this clear…Ray Rice is one of the most disgusting professional athletes on the planet. To put your hands on a woman is absolutely pathetic. Roger Goodell should be ashamed of himself too…a 2 game suspension is laughable. While many athletes are good people, who help in their community, give back, give it their all, and respect the game, there are also many assholes in the sports world. Without further ado…the top 10 worst people in the sports industry.

10. John Terry


-This British Soccer star cheated on his wife regularly. That is nothing to laugh about, but you may think it’s too common to be on this list…but listen to this…John cheated on his wife with his teammate’s wife! His teammate of 5 years! One of his best friends..and he didn’t apologize. Pure evil. This was a distraction for his whole team, and was a part in preventing Man U from being successful in the EPL that year. Then, the team traded away the other player, not John. Terry, with the help of Manchester United, committed adultery with one of his teammates wives, and never faced any consequences.

9. Lance Armstrong


-This fuckin guy used his Cancer as a distraction to what he was really doing…taking steroids, lying, and cheating the game. Years and years of suspicion and denial finally led up to his pathetic display on Oprah, where he finally admitted using performance enhancing drugs. He won 6 Tour De Frances, and none of them were won by himself. With the help of steroids, Lance prevented hundreds of other athletes from a fair competition, and their chance to be victorious on the biggest cycling stage in the world. People were actually interested in biking when Lance was in his prime.  When he broke the news he ruined the sport, because then people went back to not giving a fuck. Lance was a role model for cancer survivors, but then just turned out to be a cheater and a liar.

8. Alex Rodriguez


-Cheated the game. Lied. Cheated the game. Lied. Over and over again. Not many people have cheated the game of baseball as much as A-Rod has. He used the lenient HGH and steroid policies of the MLB to get the richest contract in sports history, and then shut it down. Once the policies became stronger, A-Rod became weaker. As a Yankee, he is always either suspended, injured, or hitting .180 in the playoffs. Although I am happy, because he screwed over the Yankees, as a fan of the game of baseball, I am disgusted. Go swat another ball like a little girl Alex. All the other guys who did steroids were at least pretty cool. I wouldve loved to hang out with Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa, but you couldn’t pay me to chill with A-Rod.

7. Sepp Blatter

Can't hear you haters
Can’t hear you haters

-The world’s most popular sport also has the world’s most corrupt leader. Sepp, the Commissioner of FIFA, has been suspected of accepting bribes from the mob, games, players, refs, and for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. He also interrupted a minute long moment of silence for Nelson Mandela after 11 seconds. Sepp has big ideas for mass appeal of women’s soccer too…he suggested woman soccer players should wear low cut shirts and higher shorts in order to spread popularity. If that’s not enough, Blatter also had an opinion on how to get racism out of the world’s most racist sports…he suggested the players should just “shake hands” after the game. He has enacted no other policies or rules to correct this problem.

6. Ray Rice

Im going to sit far away from my wife so no one thinks I would ever come in contact with her

-By now we have all seen the video, seen the reactions, and seen the suspension. What he did was horrendous and unforgivable. Roger Goodell only suspended him 2 games. The punishment does not fit the crime, and Ray Rice should not be playing in the NFL this year.

5. Donald Sterling


-There is no reason for racism to still exist. There is especially is no reason for racism in the NBA, as the majority of players are black. Donald Sterling proved that wrong. He is one of the most racist people still walking this Earth, and he owned a franchise with 80% black players, and a black coach. He was living a lie, using black people to make a buck. He is the worst owner in the history of sports.

5a. Bruce Levenson


-After the whole Donald Sterling situation, you would think that Racism would be abolished in the NBA. However, you thought wrong. Bruce Levenson is a prime example of a money hungry, old fashioned, evil owner of a sports franchise. He used Black people to make all his money, and then complained that his team is too black. He begged for a whiter crowd. He asked his coworkers how he could make his team, his fans, and his organization more “white.” How does this guy own a sports franchise??

4. OJ Simpson


-He did it.

3. Oscar Pistorius


-This geach allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend. The trial isn’t over, but all signs point to guilty. Sick bastard.

2. Don King

don king

-Fixes fights, beats women, man-slaughters…this guy is the whole evil package. His wackiness, promotion abilities, and interesting hair may distract the public from his corruption, but it can’t distract me. Don King deserves to be in the ring against Floyd, not just promoting it.

1. Aaron Hernandez


-Probably has killed 30 people. Who knows. He was involved in some sketchy things, with some sketchy people, with some sketchy results. And he got caught. There was a murderer, a “gang banger”, on the Patriots. Crazy world we live in.

1a. Jerry Sandusky 

-He should never see the light of day again.


Honorable Mentions

Josh Gordon

josh gordon

-Most of us at TMC are avid zooters. We indulge in some marijuana, and support the global legalization. However, we do not support idiots who smoke pot. Josh Gordon falls under that category. He is one of the best players in the NFL, and all he had to do to make millions of dollars was to hold off smoking for a couple of months. He had already been caught twice in college, and twice in the NFL. He should have learned his lesson. But no. Josh zooted again, and was caught again. Know the rules. Even if that rule is really stupid, and NFL players should be allowed to smoke weed for medical reasons, Gordon knew the rules, broke them, and hurt his team in the process.  The Browns needed him this season, and he has proven to be too selfish to be a team player.

Ben Roethlisberger


-Athletes can get away with a lot of things…but the public never forgets. No one outside of Pittsburgh thinks about Ben Roethlisberger the superbowl winning quarterback…they think Ben Roethlisberger, the QB who raped a couple girls in the bathroom stall of a bar…

Ray Lewis

ray lewis









  • People were quick to forget Ray Lewis’ involvement in a murder that happened January 31, 2000. Ray will potentially be inducted into the Hall of Fame and two families are still mourning the loss of a loved one. The murders remain unsolved and Ray Lewis has paid an undisclosed settlement to the families. Lewis got off the two counts of murder, because he testified against two of his friends that he was with that night. One of the victim’s blood was found in Ray’s limo and Ray’s white suit that he wore to the Super Bowl that night was never found. Ray may be remembered as one of the greatest linebackers ever to play, but that does not pardon him from these actions.

Tim Hardaway Sr.

You can apologize all you want, but after making a comment as strong as this, you cannot be forgiven. Times have changed and have changed for the best. Homosexuals do not need Tim Hardaway’s approval so next time he should keep his comments to himself, because his words clearly have no value.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ray Lewis in a layup. Also, gotta give Kobe an honorable mention because rape isn’t cool

  2. Dim Fizz says:

    1) OJ should be #1 on your list. He is without a doubt a 2 time murderer.
    2) Aaron Hernandez… probably a murderer. Move him up.
    3) Ray Lewis is, if not a murderer, he covered it up. I hate this mealy-mouth asshole. And can’t stand his commentary on NFL games.

    Lance Armstrong is just a lying sack of shit, but he didn’t murder anyone so move him closer to the bottom of the list. When L.A. dies we will not mourn.

    Jerry Sandusky will have his butt stretched in prison… good to know.

    Oscar Pistorius… the jury is still out, but he will go away soon. How can you
    kill such a beautiful girl, even by accident? Good Riddance To Him
    Alex Rodriguez belongs with Lance Armstrong… another lying sack of shit. Never want to see him again.

    Comment on the above comment… Kobe Bryant is despicable (and so is Tiger Woods), both have won their last championship. Good.

    The other idiots on your list deserve our contempt, but they are just retards with big mouths and bigoted ideas.

    I want to nominate a truly deviant sports personality… Leonard Little of the St. Rams. This guy was convicted of manslaughter. He drove drunk and killed a pregnant woman back in 1998 (So he killed 2 people). He was put on probation and given community service. He continued to play pro ball and draw a huge paycheck. 5 years later he was convicted of drunk driving again. Leonard Little, we don’t forget…. go to hell you evil bastard!

    Thank you For Your Attention.

    1. Really appreciate your input, thanks for sharing Dim. That Leonard Little story is nuts huh.

      1. says:

        Leonard Little is just the tip of the iceberg.

        It’s so funny that the NFL is just now getting it’s ass reamed for this type of thing. The NFL has covered up shit like this for years.

        The Ray Rice incident has just put it on front page of TMZ and CNN, and rabid feminist have got their collective teeth into it bringing it to the front page. Been waiting for this to happen.

        I submit:

        Lawrence Phillips (University of Nebraska) And Three NFL Teams – sentenced to a total of 31 years in a California prison for attacking his former girlfriend and for driving his car into three people in 2005.

        Where was the outrage of the media in this case? Yes he is in prison. But where was CNN and TMZ?

        The NFL has become a joke when providing role models. The bottom line of the NFL has become dollars and gradually the NFL membership has degraded when it comes to personal character.

        I didn’t want this to morph into a hit on the NFL but I cannot get over how sissified the NFL has become over the years. I have been watching NFL football since the 60s and it is just a joke now.

        Put flags on boys, it’s coming to that.

  3. Jeff M. says:

    Not really fair to compare the Hawks owner to Sterling…Sterling doubled down on his racism, which was way worse to begin with, while the Hawks owner turned himself in and offered to sell while Sterling dragged out a lawsuit and continued to make disgusting racial statements.

    1. Dim Fizz says:

      All you say is true. But why say that those individuals are amongst the worst sports figures, when it’s a fact that past sports stars have actually murdered people? If there is to be a top ten list, let’s start with the killers first.

      I think It can be argued that the Hawks owner was speaking crass business talk, and what he said is not truly racist. Although Donald Sterling is without a doubt a racist.

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