The Peanut Butter Challenge: To Help Strike Out The Allergic Reaction To Nuts

Here’s some facts to help educate you on this horrible allergy:

  • Over 3 million people suffer from being allergic to some sort of nut. While the rest of the world gets to enjoy trail mix, PB & Js, Reese’s, nutella, and other delicious foods from nuts.
  • A recent study provided by TMC, stated that 1 in 4 children are bullied at school for being allergic to PB & J and packing hummus sandwiches for lunch.
  • More deadly anaphylaxis is caused by peanuts than any other food allergy.
  • Nut allergy ratings are growing exponentially, so soon the hummus sandwich will be considered popular and the cream cheese and guacamole sandwich might emerge. Kids will be greatly affected if the PB & J goes extinct in lunch boxes.
  • Peanuts are not actually nuts, they are seeds.
  • Some people can’t eat french fries because of the oil used to cook them. French fries are one of the most enjoyed foods on the planet and to take that away from somebody is like taking away one of their freedoms. Everybody deserves a right to french fries.
  • Fluff sales have declined since nut allergies became so popular. Moms are not packing as many PB & Fluff sandwiches likes they used to.
  • 20 percent of people outgrow nut allergies but never are able to find out. You may outgrow the allergy but the only way you find out is if you eat something with nuts in it and people are not going to take that risk.

So folks, we need your help to raise awareness and money to strike out peanut allergies. People are missing out on delicious foods every day so pour some trail mix on your head and you can make a difference.



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