An Open Letter to the Class of 2015

Editor’s note: This is an actual letter I wrote and sent to my roommates and a few friends. If you think it applies to you, I encourage you to allow it to influence you and send it along to your friends, as well. Make the most of your senior year, and good luck.


To My Roommates, Friends, Esteemed Colleagues, and Classmates,

I am writing this letter in anticipation of our senior year at the prestigious Bryant University. My aim is to inspire you, and all of us collectively, to live these two final semesters to their fullest potential. This is going to require a strong effort from all of us; laziness, passivity, and the age-old bullshit excuse of “I’m staying in to rest up for tomorrow night” will not suffice. Sack up and in the end you’ll be glad you did.

So how are we actually going to realize these end results we are seeking? First, we have to start off hot. Just like our lax team, we’re going to have to set the tone early. Starting the second we move into our townhouses, we need to set the bar high build the foundation for rest of our year. Let the world know what is to be expected right away. And let it be known that no one shall remember Around the World. It will be one of our greatest weekends ever forgotten.

Keys to Success

  1. Have an open mind

If you’ve ever seen the movie Yes Man, you know that good things come from saying yes and pursuing adventure. If your roommates ask you to go to a tailgate, go! If someone on your management team invites you to a pregame, do it! This is how you meet new people and see where the night takes you. Declining offers puts you at risk of missing out on great stories and meeting new people, maybe even those of the opposite sex! You should absolutely have FOMO this year.

  1. Mix things up

Don’t go to the same pregames every weekend. Keep things fresh. Talk to classmates and acquaintances to see what they’re doing. Party with people you don’t usually hang out with and break the ice with potential new friend groups. Like business entering new markets (classic business major metaphor).

  1. Make excuses: the good kind

Find excuses to go out. Give you and your friends a reason to have a day/night that is out of the ordinary. For example, have friends visit. It seems like every time someone has friends come to school for a weekend, everyone tries harder to have an above average night.

  1. Get Weird

Get weird, sloppy, and downright dirty. Be different. Do shit you’ve never done before and may never do again. Do it for the story. Do it for the world of opportunities it might open up. Do it for the girls. Do it for the kids. Do it for the team. Do it for the world.

You need to make the best of every situation. Here’s a little experience of mine that exemplifies this notion. Setting: last fall while abroad in Florence, Italy. After a situation with some cancelled flights amidst a transportation strike (long story), good friends Amber, Laura, Lizzie and I found ourselves alone in Florence for a Saturday night in which everyone else we knew had successfully left the city for fall break. We had a choice to make: cut our losses, stay in, and get our rest for the jam packed week ahead…or… go out and attempt to make up for the misfortune we had had earlier. Judging by the overall tone of this letter, what do you think we did? After an extremely long, relaxing, wine-filled pregame, the 4 man/woman wolfpack embarked on an abnormal Saturday night in Florence. After stopping to take pictures in front of [not] our limo and getting some Irish car bombs and Dr. Pepper bombs at our favorite bar, we went to a higher class club we had never been to called Yab. The place was filled with well-groomed Italian guys and very well-dressed Italian supermodels (probably not supermodels). So what did we do? Walked into the VIP section like we owned the place, of course. So a few Long Island iced teas, a few sex on the beaches (I was with all girls), and a few hours go by and oh my God it’s the morning and I have no idea how I got in my bed.

We partied and danced the night away like nothing even happened that morning. Moral of the story: even if you get a couple bad breaks, always make the best of it. I guess this is a theme you should live your whole life by, but it applies especially well to our senior year.

In conclusion, please do not mistake this letter for me telling you to be a degenerate and let your academics plummet, that’s not what I’m trying to do. My wish for you, for all of us, is to have no regrets upon our departure from this era of our lives. To reference Varsity Blues: one year, for the rest of our lives. Leave it all out on the field. Leave no stone unturned. No cup unflipped. No keg untapped. And finally, no class unpassed. Seriously, make sure you graduate. Study, party, and achieve. You can sleep when you’re dead.

Here’s to the class of 2015.

Get Pleys,

Bryan Gorham


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