Top 10 Disney Channel Original Movies

If you are under the impression that you had any sort of childhood then you better have the Disney Channel Original movie theme song running through your mind by now.

10. Alley Cats Strike


The only way to settle the score is to take it to the alley!

Ain’t that the truth.

9. Eddie’s Million Dollar Cookoff


This was probably the last of the Disney Channel movie prime. After 2004, Disney Channel movies turned into poorly written girl ninja movies like Wendy Wu and absurdly overdone sequels like Halloweentown High. Or maybe I just got older and my brain developed to a more mature movies like Billy Madison and The Sandlot.

8. Halloweentown


Even though their sequels weren’t all that and a bag of chips, the original had me on the edge of my seat (beanbag chair) start to finish. And it didn’t hurt that Marney was a stone cold fox.

7. You Wish!


If you had a little brother like me, this one really hit home and made you realize that your childhood would have been insanely boring without him. This movie also introduced me to the song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton and all the feels that come with it.

6. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century


If there was one concert I wish I could go to in my lifetime it would be Protozoa and the venue would be a spaceship. Supernova Girl was an absolute banga.

5. Smart House


I don’t care how big of a Linda the lady/house was, I wanted to live there so bad. Even today, imagine throwing a party where everyone could just trash the house and it would clean itself.

4. Full Court Miracle


Giving Jews everywhere hope that they can play on successful sports teams and not just own them. Or at the very least, an older NBA hopeful with two bad knees can coach them to a title.

3. Johnny Tsunami


The classic tale of a jock vs a free spirit Hakuna Matata type kid duking it out on the snowy proving grounds of a Vermont mountain.

2. Motocrossed


How big of a charles was that guy who thought he was chilling with another guy the whole time but then it turned out it was a girl and then he just shrugs it off and lives happily ever after with her. Really dude? The nail polish didn’t give it away?

1. Brink


Absolute no-brainer. This movie had life lessons that last far beyond childhood. As a business student it is important to remember that friends and loyalty should trump money every time. Brink taught me that. Team Pup ‘n Suds for life.

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