The Culture Behind Bullough’s Pond


Yes that is what Bullough’s Pond looked like back in the day. For most of us it is just a pond where many people zoot or fish at. Anytime of the day you will find somebody zooting or fishing. Many Charles, Lindas, and Geaches walk by and indulge in the culture. After a little research, it was plain to see there was much more culture at this pond than just what you saw. This place provides beautiful sights of sunrise and sunset but has a lot more to it.

Wikipedia thinks the pond is for winter skating and bird watching, so somebody is either lying or sniffing glue. But there was some interesting stuff provided by the very “reliable” Wikipedia:

  • The pond was the spot for a commercial ice business in the 19th century.
  • Meg Ryan and Annete Bening were filmed at the pond for a scene in “The Women”.
  • One of the notable residents is Alek Beam, former baseball player and now writer and journalist.
  • Another resident of the pond is Diana Muir, a historian and writer. Diana wrote a book called Reflections in Bullough’s Pond. The book was about human activity’s impact on the ecosystem in New England
  • The place is full of friggin culture.


So next time you’re enjoying a nice zoot or just the culture in general, indulge a little more than you usually will, you’ll get your culture touched.



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