10 Things You Need To Do Before You Go Back To College

Pool Hop

pool hop

We all know there is no better high than an adrenaline rush and a great way to get one is pool hopping with your friends. Whether it be your public pool or that douchebag down the street, hop the fence and take a dip. For enhanced fun, skinny dip.

Pull An All Nighter With Your Friends

all nighter

There will be plenty of all nighters once you get back to school but none will be very fun. Gather your friends, some food, some zoots, some drank, and pull an all nighter the cultural way.

Weekend Trip To A Place Full Of Culture


Get out of your hometown, which at this point you are sick of, and spend a weekend somewhere surronded by culture. Whether it be a beach house, a cabin, or camping, go get some culture. Forget about reality for the entire weekend because before you know it, you will be reading about art history.

Go For Somebody Out Of Your League

out of league

There’s probably a person you have been afraid to talk to since high school. August is the best month to take a risk on that person. Everybody has a crazy mix of feelings in August, so it will be your best shot at getting somebody out of your league. And if you fail, at least you get to run away to college and forget about your failure very quickly.

Spend Time With Your Family

family time

I am sure you have spent some time with your family this summer but during this time how long were you on your phone? And if you weren’t on your phone, was one of your siblings? Was any of that time spent, actually quality time? Spend at least a day with your family and make that day worth it. Make that day so good, that it is tough to say bye to them when they are helping you move back in or dropping you off at the airport.

Eat Somewhere You Have Never Been


We may not all be fortunate enough to have a BJ Buffet in our town, but there defnitely is that hidden gem we have never tried before. You probably have been going to the same place all summer and have ordered everything on the menu. So change it up and try something new to help you remember where you are from when you return to college. Even if the food is terrible, it will create a memory.

Spend A Day Alone

alone time

Alone time can be scarce at college, especially if you’re in a frat or a sorority. Maybe you spend this day masturbating because of how difficult that is at school or you can watch movies, organize your room, go through old photos, or just masturbate again.

Hang Out With A Friend You Lost Connection With

old friends

You both miss each other but since college, life has been too crazy. Make time for your long lost friend and maybe you can rekindle that friendship you once had. Doing this will leave you a little more fullfilled before you go back.

Go To Dinner With The Whole Crew


No better way to cap off the summer than dinner with the whole crew. Spend the rest of your money by getting as many drinks as you can and enjoy the most expensive food on the menu. If you’re lucky you will find another group out to dinner, and from there you gotta turn that into an after party.

Read A Book

read a book

Sounds lame as fuck but this is the most valuable thing on this list. Reading is good way to get yourself back in school mode, and at this age could make a change in your life. You have had plenty to drink so kick back, and enjoy a novel.

Enjoy the end of your summer, see you Thanksgiving.


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