Banter From The Burgah Bartender: How to Become the Perfect Regular

Please welcome ktfreemush to the TMC crew! She goes to Tulane with TheSecondBiggestGeach, so expect some hilarious blogs retelling the stories of his nightly antics. As a female bartender, she will be able to provide unique perspective into many relationships and situations. Here is her first blog post!

Whether you are an undergrad, post grad, or tackling the real world, there is great comfort in knowing you have a watering hole to come home to at the end (or middle) of a long day. As much as you grow to love this new watering hole of yours, be it a dive bar or an upscale lounge, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to become the ideal regular.

First and foremost, tip well. This cannot be reiterated enough. Let’s face it; we are going to be spending a lot of time together so why not make me as happy to see your face as you are to see mine. We know your names and your orders by heart. We keep the high-lifes stocked and hand you a cold bud light before you’ve finished your last. You work hard, but so do we. Don’t think we will graciously welcome you back when you close out a credit card after each beer and tip the .23 cents needed to make a full dollar on your tab.

Build a relationship with your bartenders. If you hear them talking to one another about music or a local sports game, pipe in. We may seem to be in the power seat behind the bar but it can be awkward for us to strike up a conversation with people on the other side. If it isn’t slammed, talk to us, most likely we will appreciate the conversation, and regardless, it’s a great time passer.

Come in early, open a tab, and stay late. You’ll become our easy customers. The ones that always say thank you and whom we know will consistently order the same thing.

Learn our name. Even if it takes us a while to separate you from your five identical friends, it is a nice gesture and reminds others that we are humans.

Being a regular has its perks. We don’t judge.  Our sage advice and endless amounts of alcohol can be the best therapy, and if you do everything mentioned above, you will always be greeted with warmth….not to mention most established bars are allotted promotion tabs based on their daily sales. So why not let that last beer be on us?


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