Daily Dilemma: Taking Other People’s Food at the Drive Thru

This weekend I went to Cape Cod and had an unbelievable time. The weather was perfect, the beer was cold, and the sploifes were a plenty. Traffic is what comes with the territory with Cape Culture. Stuck in traffic for 3 hours on the ride home…I needed to grab some Burgah King to hold me over until the Pad Thai waiting in my fridge back home.

Post sploife, all I wanted was a Crispy Chicken Wrap, BK Stacker, and a value fry. Coming from the dollar menu, this meal costed me less than 4 bucks, and I knew I would be satisfied…at least for a little while.

So, after waiting for about 6 minutes at the second window, I became a bit frustrated. I knocked on the glass and asked if my food would be coming out soon. The worker apologized and gave me the bag of food that was sitting right inside the window on the counter. Here is where the dilemma started.

I opened the bag to find 3 orders of fries, 2 orders of onion rings, and about 5 burgers/chicken sandwiches. She also handed me a large fountain soda. This meal had to have costed at least 10 dollars, and could feed a family of 5. Here I was..just looking for my 3 dollar value meal, and end up with a BK feast.

However, as I said, all I wanted was my chicken wrap, my small burger, and my small fries. But, I was handed a gift from god….free Burgah King. Do I keep the food, or do I return it and ask for what I specifically wanted?

Quantity, or quality? (Kind of quality..but you know what I mean)

I chose quality. I returned the food, waited another 5 minutes, and finally was handed my bag of mediocre food.

After all that traffic, all that waiting, and all that contemplating of big bag vs. small bag, I finally was on my way home with my BK…..

Only to find out 2 minutes later, back on the highway, that they completely messed up my order. Didn’t get a chicken wrap, they gave me a bbq chicken sandwich instead. Didn’t get the BK Stacker…they gave me a simple cheeseburger instead. And I didn’t get my value fry…they gave me onion rings instead.

Morale of the story…when BK offers you more food than what you want…always take it. The chances they got your actual order correct are small anyway.


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