Reasons Why You Should Read TouchMyCulture (Video)

So, for the first time since TouchMyCulture was launched, 4 out 5 senior staff members were in the same room at the same time. We were brainstorming ideas on how the website could expand, what we need to do this summer to attract readers, and since halfmanhalfmook was in the room, we also talked about random shit that got us off topic. But there was a period of time, when we were sitting in a perfect circle, and I asked everybody, “why should people read TouchMyCulture?”

Yes, we gave you some pretty absurd reasons in that video and looked pretty absurd doing so. But that is what we are going to do. We hope to make you laugh and keep you in TOUCH with all of the CULTURE around us. We are by no means a source that is similar to CNN and definitely do not want to be compared to Barstool. We are our own source, here to touch your culture.

And with your help, this whole TouchMyCulture thing can really turn into something. All it takes is a facebook like, a twitter follow, share a post, tell a friend, or you could even join the movement and become an author. We are just a group of friends talking about culture on the internet.

So here is my final thought to leave you off with “To touch, or not to touch? That is the question.” The Answer is always yes….touch our culture.

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  1. Jim Duessel says:

    HalfmanHalfmook is by far the funniest.

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