The Top 5 Most Offensive Team Names in Sports

In light of the Redskins controversy, I thought it would be a good idea to identify some of the most insensitive team names in sports.  It’s sickening just to think that people actually have to live their lives rooting for these teams. I figure that maybe if I complain about it, other’s will find the offense in these names as well. Here goes…


5. San Diego Padres

The notion that every baseball fan in San Diego is Mexican and knows what the word ‘padre’ means is just disgusting. That they’re original logo depicted a fat Mexican priest with a small waist is also excessively discriminatory and suggests a complete disregard for Christian dietary habits.


4. Syracuse Orangemen

Don’t really care that they’ve had the nickname for the last 300 years: orangemen means that it intentionally excludes female athletes from being orange. I wonder if they changed the color (say, for example, purplemen)-instead of making it gender neutral-that they’d still get sued. Can’t say that they definitely would. Either way Victor Moone needs to get in on that lawsuit and collect his tuition money back immediately.


3. Sacramento Kings

That a team name would offer such blatant support for a monarchy offended several political groups last year, including “Obama-care-or-die, ”Hillary ’16,” and the green party.


2. New York Giants

Strange that nobody considered the fact that every jew in Brooklyn would be bothered by this team name. Public relations nightmare.


1. Carolina Hurricanes

Yeah great call, NHL. Let’s remind all the hockey fans from inner-city New Orleans of the devastation they went through five years (or so) ago. I’m white, I don’t speak French, and even I’m appalled. Just awful.

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