Why The San Antonio Spurs, The Most Diverse Team in the NBA, are America’s Team

Tim Duncan- A native of the US Virgin Islands…might dress Whiter than any White player in the league

Manu Ginobili- Argentian. Bald spot.

Tony Parker- Frenchmen. Dumped Eva Longoria.

Boris Diaw- Frenchmen. 29 other teams did not want him.

Matt Bonner- The Red Mamba. Ginger. White. New Balance sponsored.

Marco Bellinelli- MUSHHHH

Kawhi Leonard- Doesn’t smile. D’s up Lebron better than anyone.

Patty Mills- Australian.

Aron Baynes- New Zealand-er.

Tiago Splitter- Brazilian. Legally changing his name to Tiago Spliffer.


This team is composed of players from around the globe…but for some reason, when they won the ship last night, it felt as if they were as American as it gets. Here’s why:

The play the game the right way.

Basketball was invented in America. It was perfected in Boston under Red Auerbach. Red preached team defense. Bill Russell was a dominating shot blocker, but that’s because his teammates knew when to rotate, and when to let the offensive player drive and trusted that Bill would be back there.

Red preached team offense. Bill Russell was the tallest player on the court, and probably could have scored every time down,  but that’s not how the Celtics played. When the Celts won 11/13 championships, no player averaged more than 25 points. Red was more focused on moving the basketball, and players moving without the ball.

The Spurs defended Lebron better than anyone has before. Although Lebron did get his 30 points every night, he had to work for them. The Spurs gave him the outside shot. And their strategy was to shut down all the role players around him. They made Bosh and Wade look like role players, not superstars.

The Spurs offense was as pretty as it gets. Moving without the ball. Unselfish passes. Everyone setting picks and finding the open shot. They may have one of the best post players in NBA history…but they never forced the ball to Timmy. They always found the right shot. That’s how basketball is supposed to be played.

It seemed as if every night a new hero would arise for the Spurs. They are all likeable, humble, and not Lebron. Kawhi Leonard always says the right thing. Tim Duncan seems like the perfect dad. Tony Parker could be right next to you at the club. Manu could finish the game and go kick a soccer ball around with you after. Patty Mills doesn’t stop smiling on the court.

This team is full of guys who seem like they’d be great teammates at any level. I would love to play pickup ball with Boris Diaw, because I know he’d hustle, pass the ball, and play good defense. I’d love to run the wing with Tony Parker as my point guard, because I know he’d make the right pass.

This is America’s team. As much as America hates the Miami Heat, I don’t think America loves the Spurs just to spite them. America loves the Spurs, because they play team basketball. They look like they are having the times of their lives out there. They look like genuine, nice, respectable men. They don’t seem like crybabies. They don’t look like they are playing for the money. And they definitely aren’t looking for the spotlight. They were looking to play together, to play good basketball, and to beat the team that was built to win Championships based on talent alone.

Smart, tough, fundamental basketball beat talent, athleticism, and superstars. That’s how it should be. That’s America. The good guys should win. Those who work hard should win. Those who play together, regardless of race and ethinicity, should win. Not those who team up their friends and other superstars. Not those who play one on one basketball.

The mostly foreign, white, and irregular San Antonio Spurs became America’s basketball team. They showed that the true spirit of the game can triumph all. Thank you Spurs……because I could not stand to see Lebron win another title. I wonder how many apps Lebron would have made if they three peated…..




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