Weird Cultural Story of the Day: ‘Biggie’ Arrested with Marijuana “Hidden Under Stomach Fat”

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 1.03.52 PM

Christopher Mitchell was pulled over for not wearing his seatbelt. His excuse? The seatbelt doesn’t fit around his stomach. Christopher weighs 450 pounds.  When the cop ran ID for Mitchell, the aliases “Biggie” and “Fat Boy” came up with charges for drug trafficking.

The cops sent a dog to search the car and they found 23 grams of pot hidden under his stomach fat.

They also found cocaine, a handgun, and $7000 cash.

Biggie Mitchell, the fattest, greatest drug dealer in all of Florida. Ok…can’t promise that…Florida is weird place…but Biggie Mitchell has to be up there. His aliases are perfect descriptions of him. Thats the exact opposite of what an Alia is supposed to do. Regardless, if you look like Christopher does, ‘Biggie’ has to be your nickname. I’ll give him credit for hiding the weed under his fat…the cop must have been digging for hours to find it.

If only the real Biggie were alive to see this….


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